Autojeu Theatre

Formed in 2009, Autojeu is a vehicle in which my playful approach and others who I collaborate with create and perform work.

Autojeu =

AUTO: Automatic: self-moving, spontaneous, instinctive

JEU: “Philippe Gaulier teaches Le Jeu, the pleasure it engenders and the imaginary world it unveils. Actors are always beautiful when you can see around the characters, their souls at play, opening the door of the imaginary world” - for more on Gaulier/Le Jeu click here

AUTOJEU: Automatic and playful, finding the fun and the pleasure in all that we do to pass the game and the imagination it creates on to you, the audience.

(Sam Gibbs, 2011)

BEOWULF: 2013-2015

Photo by Paul Samuel White

The World and the Stuff What Happens in it: 2015

Aesops Fables: 2015

Photo by David Green

How to Climb Mount Everest: 2011-2014

Photo by Paul Samuel White